There is a shy boy, who stares at a Pool.
This moment, a rowed crowed come and cover the waterside by swimming.
With crowded pool, so calm of the boy is diving into the pool and sinking toward a bottom.
There was a girl who has already sinking.
Together, They paddle into the deep. There is a unseen shoal of fish swim with fascinating figure.
Beautiful, amazing even frightened of the scene, they have fun with long paddling in the water
Then they run across with a huge whale. they gaze each other and spend a second like eternal moments.
With precious experience, the boy and girl are floating back to the pool.

This book is a story of the boys view, but you could encounter each of yours.
And you may toss to a question to yourself, The pool was a just pool?
Was a mind of boy, or the view of his universe?
Why shoal of fish were there? What saw they in a eye of the whale?
The answer is up to you.



iyagikot 2013